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The Historical Significance of Ginger as the Oldest Spice on Earth
  •  22/4/2023 12:14 AM

There are many ways to incorporate fresh ginger into your diet. You can grate or chop fresh ginger and add it to soups, stews, stir-fries, marinades, and salad dressings.

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Fresh ginger is also valued for its culinary uses in Polish cuisine.
  •  19/4/2023 12:56 AM

Thailand's fresh ginger has gained significant popularity in Poland in recent years. The demand for Thai ginger has been steadily increasing due to its unique flavor, health benefits, and versatility in Polish cuisine.

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Ginger isn't traditionally used in Ukrainian cuisine, it has become a popular ingredient in recent years
  •  19/4/2023 12:47 AM

Fresh ginger has a unique flavor profile and set of health benefits that distinguish it from other spices such as garlic, turmeric, and cinnamon.

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Jordan has a long history of using ginger in traditional medicine and cooking
  •  18/4/2023 09:39 PM

Jordan has a long history of using ginger in traditional medicine and cooking. The ancient spice has been incorporated into Jordanian cuisine for centuries, and it remains a beloved ingredient in many traditional recipes.

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Growing Demand for Fresh Ginger in the UAE
  •  18/4/2023 09:19 PM

The demand for ginger has risen steadily, not only as a spice but also as a medicinal herb, leading to a shortage of supply.

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Oman's Growing Demand for Thai Fresh Ginger
  •  18/4/2023 09:10 PM

Thailand's ginger industry has a strong reputation for producing high-quality ginger, which presents opportunities for Thai ginger exporters in Oman's market

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Ginger's Popularity in Hong Kong
  •  18/4/2023 08:23 PM

Ginger remains a staple ingredient in Hong Kong's culinary scene, and there is a growing trend towards using fresh, locally-sourced ginger in restaurants and home kitchens. Chefs are experimenting with new ways to incorporate ginger into their dishes, creating fusion cuisines that blend traditional Hong Kong flavors with international tastes.

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Demand for Thai Ginger in Bahrain
  •  18/4/2023 08:14 PM

Most of the Thai ginger in Bahrain is imported directly from Thailand. However, some suppliers may also source Thai ginger from other countries in the region.

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Traditional Significance of Ginger in Saudi Arabia
  •  18/4/2023 06:11 PM

Traditional Significance of Ginger in Saudi Arabia

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Ginger Cultivation in Qatar
  •  18/4/2023 05:58 PM

Yes, there is a growing market for fresh ginger in Qatar due to the increasing demand for locally-sourced and healthy ingredients

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Middle Eastern Ginger Importing Countries
  •  18/4/2023 04:56 PM

The Middle East is a key market for Thai ginger exporters, accounting for a significant portion of the country's ginger exports.

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The importance of ginger in Filipino and Thai cuisine
  •  18/4/2023 01:16 AM

Fresh Ginger is a common ingredient in both Filipino and Thai cuisine, but its cultural significance goes beyond just adding flavor to dishes.

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