Thailand's Fresh Ginger

Our Thai Fresh ginger is grown in the north & north eastern region of Thailand where the cultivation of every seeds of ginger tree is well taken care, fertilized and managed for more then 3 decades. There is a system where coding and integration of plots of ginger harvest to be identified for its maturity and age level of every tree. This will ensure the grower to know which ginger tree is at age period during the plucking process.

Our Thai Fresh Ginger is carefully plucked manually from our experienced farmer for the best required size and quality for our customers worldwide. This process is very crucial as this will determine the availability of size which is required by our customers.

Our Thai Fresh Ginger goes through a process of washing where most customer who required soil to be removed from the fresh ginger will be done with a triple layer flow of water wash and cleaning process at our facility before heading to the sorting section for size selection.

Our Thai Fresh Ginger is well packed in 9kg, 10kg export carton, 20kg, 30kg mesh bag or as per customer's requirement for the convenience of importer which ensures durability and quality from the packing house transported to every customer’s warehouse worldwide.